Jubatus – Ten years on

Last year’s celebrations marked Jubatus’ first decade in business. We took this opportunity to reflect on how better to align our business with our customers and partners by aspiring to the principals of knowledge, agility and speed.

Jubatus’ primary focus is on identifying, developing and delivering new business opportunities. To do this effectively in the current competitive environment we developed a Sales and Marketing Analysis Research Tool (SMART).

SMART is a database that allows us to distill each opportunity by a set of criterion to ensure we spend a significant portion of our time supporting existing clients and partners rather than dilute our efforts chasing arbitrary leads.

Given the ever-increasing cost of bidding, each prospect is critically reviewed by a set of key business fundamentals:

  • The need for Jubatus products or services
  • The probability of success
  • The scope and timing of the work
  • Supply and implementation capability

Once we have considered the above a proposal is either compiled or the opportunity rejected. The database enables Jubatus to monitor the specific project through the entire business development cycle from identification to realisation. SMART generates tailored marketing reports that tracks each opportunity. The successful bids form part of a business roadmap process that determines our sales budget and targets for each fiscal year.

SMART is proving to be an invaluable tool to assist Jubatus in allocating resources to maintain a level of service, growth and market intelligence. We are confident that this product will have an application in many other industries.