Specialty Cable

Jubatus offers a wide variety of specialty cable: both fibre optic and power.

Usually designed for applications such as subsea, refineries, pipelines, DTS, towed arrays and fire risk areas. We can custom manufacture configurations to include different core sizes, fibre counts, fibre types, metal types, sheathing options, tube sizes, components, armouring, colour, packaging, markings and lengths.

Specialisation includes:

Downhole, surface, sensing, MicroCore (for blowing into crowded underground ducts), SkyWrap (retro-fit solution for installing a fiber optic cable on overhead power lines.), fire detection, vibration monitoring, industrial plant temperature sensing, hydrological studies of streams, lakes, reservoirs, rivers and canals, turbine temperature sensing, temperature and strain of curing concrete, temperature gradients in soil, pipeline leak and intrusion detection, cable strain monitoring, building intrusion detection, steam plant temperature and strain sensing and many more.