Wide range of cable projects

For over two decades, Jubatus has delivered cable and diagnostic solutions to the telco and power industries in Australia and New Zealand. Below are some projects we have undertaken in non-traditional areas:

The Diving Co (NSW), 2018

36 Fibre Optical submarine cable for deployment in Sydney Harbour, Oracle-sponsored Yacht Race. Steel armoured and suitable for repeated removal and redeployment.


Glencore, 2018

11kV 3C 240mm2 double wire armoured, SPS (single point suspension) cable incorporating 2 x 70mm2 earthing conductors and 48 core optical fibre; fitted with suspension clamp for deployment at Mt Isa Mines

Energex, 2005

Riverpark Project – Relocation of Railway 110kV oil-filled cable.

Zinfra Group, 2016

4.5kms of 132kV 630mm2 copper corrugated sheath cable to supply power to Cadia Gold Mine

Wilken Group, 2017

Supply of 33kV 3C 500mm2 cable for the Equinix Data Centre, Homebush

APA Group, 2020

11kV 300mm2 EPR insulated flexible tinned copper cable for use in Gruyere Power Station