Cable solutions to the Power, Telecommunications and Mining industries in Australia and New Zealand

We sell and provide engineering support services for the following:

Power Cable & Accessories

MV-EHV Power Cable | Turnkey Cable Projects | Overhead Conductors | Tx Line Hardware

Optical Fibre Cable


Diagnostic Systems

Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) | Partial Discharge (PD) | Acoustic & Vibration Monitoring

Electrical Cable

With cables from 33kV to 550kV in standard and specific lengths, Jubatus specialises in XLPE. Adhering to IEC 60840, 62067 and IS 7098, our partners use the latest equipment for production, testing and installation to ensure long product life and low cost maintenance.

Optical Fibre Cable

Used for high speed communications, optical fibres offer huge advantages in speed, bandwidth capacity and security. Jubatus offers OPGW, ADSS and standard OFC in fibre counts from 2 to 400+.

Specialty Cable

We can custom manufacture configurations to include different core sizes, fibre counts, fibre types, metal types, sheathing options, tube sizes, components, armouring, colour, packaging, markings and lengths.

Monitoring Systems

Ensuring the reliability of an electrical network is important for the imperatives of maintenance cost and system performance. By offering a range of condition monitoring systems, Jubatus can help you maintain the integrity and reliability your network.

Line Hardware

Jubatus offers a range of Line Hardware from our partners in Spain, Singapore and Japan.

Cable Rating Software

Proprietary Cable Ratings Software used to design polymeric insulated medium and high voltage power cables and calculate their electrical and mechanical performance characteristics. It is a user-friendly Microsoft Excel spreadsheet-based application allowing users to readily incorporate additional calculations and reports.

Why Jubatus?

Technical Expertise

For complex issues requiring significant technical insight, Jubatus can provide cost effective, advanced solutions.

The team at Jubatus has in excess of 100 years of accumulated experience in the field of cable design and engineering.

We bring detailed knowledge of the industries, products and suppliers that we represent and promote throughout the Australian market.

Market Insight

Over the past 20 years Jubatus has developed key relationships with trusted partners internationally, facilitating a deep insight into the Australian market within a global context.

Our manufacturers have all passed rigorous QA assessment so that only the best products are presented to the Australian Market.

Value Added Service

Jubatus is an SME; this enables us to be flexible and responsive in all stages of the design, manufacture and supply process. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and delivering exceptional customer service.

We are committed to a documented system of continuous improvement and have a consistent approach towards improving the way that we do business with our clients.

Domestic & International Partners

Today Jubatus is recognised as a trusted brand in the market.

Experts in our field

  • Knowledge and understanding of the Asia Pacific telco and power industries for over 20 years
  • A strong network of relationships across sectors and levels of the industry
  • Proven record of delivering quality product
  • The creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to drive a project forward





Jubatus has been active in the Australian marketplace since 1999, we are the type and size of company that has-on and outcomes driven approach. Jubatus can work with you all the way from design to implementation, or simply offering advice along the way.

This depends – we can offer you a spool of cable, a complex monitoring system or a major design/build/install/commission project worth tens of millions.

As Jubatus offers are customised, all of our cables and systems are manufactured after receipt of a purchase order. Lead times can range from four to sixteen weeks, depending on the complexity of the project.

  • Is there partial discharge occurring on our network?
  • How do we know if our oil-filled joints are leaking?
  • What’s the most accurate way of getting a temperature measurement from HV cables?
  • Is there a way to make our downhole cables last longer?
  • How do we make the optical fibre cable on our electricity network resistant to high temperatures?

Jubatus’ staff are on-call throughout the entire project development and implementation period. We offer comprehensive installation/implementation guides and after-sales support for project managers or engineers.

Through our international network of manufacturers, we can source specific products for specialty applications, or help you design a product to suit your needs and then get it manufactured.

Please visit the ‘news’ and ‘customers’ page to find out.

Jubatus checks the credentials of all our manufacturers to ensure they are ISO compliant, and conducts factory inspections to ensure our clients get the best possible quality product.

Jubatus is always on the lookout for new innovations. Please contact us to get the ball rolling.