Jubatus has been active in the Australian marketplace since 1999, we are the type and size of company that has-on and outcomes driven approach. Jubatus can work with you all the way from design to implementation, or simply offering advice along the way.

This depends – we can offer you a spool of cable, a complex monitoring system or a major design/build/install/commission project worth tens of millions.

As Jubatus offers are customised, all of our cables and systems are manufactured after receipt of a purchase order. Lead times can range from four to sixteen weeks, depending on the complexity of the project.

  • Is there partial discharge occurring on our network?
  • How do we know if our oil-filled joints are leaking?
  • What’s the most accurate way of getting a temperature measurement from HV cables?
  • Is there a way to make our downhole cables last longer?
  • How do we make the optical fibre cable on our electricity network resistant to high temperatures?

Jubatus’ staff are on-call throughout the entire project development and implementation period. We offer comprehensive installation/implementation guides and after-sales support for project managers or engineers.

Through our international network of manufacturers, we can source specific products for specialty applications, or help you design a product to suit your needs and then get it manufactured.

Please visit the ‘news’ and ‘customers’ page to find out.

Jubatus checks the credentials of all our manufacturers to ensure they are ISO compliant, and conducts factory inspections to ensure our clients get the best possible quality product.

Jubatus is always on the lookout for new innovations. Please contact us to get the ball rolling.