Optical Fibre Cable

Used for high speed communications, optical fibres offer huge advantages in speed, bandwidth capacity and security. Jubatus offers OPGW, ADSS and standard OFC in fibre counts from 2 to 400+.

ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) optical fibre cable is ideal for installation in distribution as well as transmission environments, even when live-line installations are required. As its name indicates, there is no support or messenger wire required, so installation is achieved in a single pass, making ADSS an economical and simple means of building a fibre optic network.

Loose tube fibre optic cables are designed for outdoor and indoor/outdoor use as the network backbone, whether it is for aerial lashed or underground applications. Depending on the environmental and performance criteria, Jubatus has an array of options to withstand even the harshest climates and conditions. The Non-Armoured Loose Tube range is an all-dielectric construction meaning it contains no metallic components, therefore no bonding or grounding is required.

OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) “shields” transmission line conductors from lightning while providing a telecommunications path for internal as well as third party communications. Jubatus’ partner AFL Telecommunications was a leader in the development and launch of this product in the 1980’s. Today AFL boasts the world’s largest OPGW product portfolio and highest total capacity with facilities situated throughout the world. Products include AlumaCore (central aluminium pipe and colour-coded optical tubes), the HexaCore family (incorporating stranded stainless steel tubes to allow for higher fibre counts), and CentraCore (blending stainless steel technology with AFL’s aluminium pipe benefits). Our applications engineers can assist with determining which design best suits the unique conditions and challenges for each opportunity.