Why Jubatus?

Director, Brian Wright

Intelligent solutions

Our cable system proposals have addressed issues such as ratings optimisation, EMF mitigation, soil thermal variations, bridge crossings, attacks from termites, rodents and corrosive soils.

Intelligent systems

Jubatus systems can be designed to be self-monitoring. We can provide you with an offer of DTS to determine your safe power load and PD “Smart Node” to flag system faults and determine when maintenance needs to be undertaken.

Intelligent logistics

We’re here to help you meet your project delivery timing. We manage shipping, customs, quarantine, overland transport, offloading and packaging recycling procedures.

Track Record

Over its 20 year history, Jubatus has helped deliver infrastructure projects worth over $300 million in both above and below ground applications. The Jubatus combined global experience in the cable industry sets us apart from our peers. We punch above our weight.

Jubatus’ extensive experience allows us to understand and anticipate client needs, so that specific solutions can be tailored for the project conditions. We have a strong history of building consortia to bring the best possible expertise to a project.


Jubatus is an ISO9001:2015 accredited company in the specification, sourcing and supply of our products. We ensure all our suppliers meet national and/or international accreditation standards as relevant to their product scope.