Cable Ratings Software

Proprietary Software

Proprietary Cable Ratings Software used to design polymeric insulated medium and high voltage power cables and calculate their electrical and mechanical performance characteristics. It is a user-friendly Microsoft Excel spreadsheet-based application allowing users to readily incorporate additional calculations and reports.

Software Features

Cable design using built-in user selectable cable layer constructions, materials and dimensions to facilitate the design of cables meeting customer specific requirements

Built-in searchable cable library used to store and retrieve cable models presently containing more than 1000 items

Single-core and multi-core power cables of varying constructions can be modelled for both AC and DC applications

Continuous current ratings calculated in accordance with IEC 60287 for cables installed in air or in ground in single and multiple circuit configurations

Cyclic and emergency current ratings in accordance with IEC 60853

Fault current ratings based on adiabatic and non-adiabatic conditions in
accordance with IEC 60949

Electrical characteristics including cable impedances, capacitance, electrical stress levels and losses