Counting Down to Powergrid Europe

On May 26 representatives from the power transmission and distribution industry worldwide will be converging in Cologne for the Powergrid Europe conference and exhibition. With keynote speakers from RWE Power, ABB AG and Siemens, the 3 day event will cover topics such as:

  • Technical Seminar on Global Condition Monitoring of T&D assets
  • Meeting the Energy Challenge in the Face of the economic Downturn
  • Grid Integration for Renewables and Distributed Generation Power Failure
  • Investigations – From Worst Case to Best Practice
  • Applications of Power Electronics in Distribution Smart Grids
  • Maintaining Grid Sustainability Implementing ICT for Smartgrids
  • A Proposal of RoadMap for Answering Distribution Needs
  • Technical tours of RWE, Ecofys and Stadtwerke Jülich/DLR properties


Jubatus’ Principal company LIOS will be exhibiting at the event, using the opportunity to showcase new technological advancements such as Global Condition Monitoring of Power Cables – a combination of comprehensive analysis of Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) and permanent Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring.