Ausgrid Engadine Project Report

The project comprised multiple short 132kV conductor runs (2-3km) between the new Engadine substation and UGOH connections to existing overhead infrastructure, these critical links justifying the use of DTS for monitoring conductor temperature of the Prysmian XLPE cables.

The DTS sensing fibres were located within microducts running through the centres of the power cable trefoils, and were blown in using compressed air upon completion of power cable jointing. This technique provides optimum placement of the sensing fibres, with no risk of damage during power cable installation. Jubatus provided on-site supervision throughout the installation, ensuring that DTS fibre paths were completed to the required tight specifications.

Local factory-trained Jubatus staff completed installation of the LIOS Technology DTS head unit within Engadine substation, including termination of all sensing fibres. A 3-channel LIOS EN.SURE 40 unit was employed, operating over 50/125 multimode fibre.

Thanks to the increasing number of LIOS DTS systems in service with Ausgrid, the Engadine DTS was the first to be installed with network connectivity only rather than using a traditional local PC controller. This greatly simplifies installation and commissioning, since the compact DTS controller can be placed in an existing rack with network connection to a central server running the LIOS Charon monitoring software.

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